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Welcome to the home of Nigel Holloway's Off-the-Wall plays.

The Off-the-Wall plays are a series of comedies about the adventures of an imaginary amateur theatre group called the Off-the-Wall Theatre Company.  The plays were originally written for The Concept Players, a talented amateur theatre company who can be found in South East Wales, UK.


Having written a few of these plays, other people wanted to perform them, and so several of them were published, and are available for you to entertain your own local audiences.  They have been performed throughout the UK and as far away as Australia, so it seems that the humour travels!

As well as the Off-the-Wall plays, you will find other plays that Nigel has written, as well as details of his novels, screenplays and musical adaptations.

You may notice that the titles of some of the plays have been used again in another format.  This is because Nigel tends to use one medium (say, a stage play) to develop the characters and/or plot, then finds that the ideas have proved to be sufficiently strong to form the basis for another format (say, a novel).  It should not be deduced that any of the versions is superior to any other - they just turned out to be good stories!

And that, after all, is what writing is all about.

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