Ripping Off Angels

Ripping Off Angels is the story of how the Off-The-Wall Theatre Company get themselves out of the financial difficulties they find themselves in.  At the start of the play, Jack, the chairman, has serious news to discuss with the other members, and the remainder of the play tells how the group devise and carry out their various inventive and outrageous plans to raise money.  Why has the previously undomesticated Aggie suddenly developed a taste for baking?  Why do George Lucas, Stephen Spielberg and Sharon Stone decide to turn up?  Why has Jonathan decided to set Macbeth in an Ibiza nightclub?  What is Robert's secret talent?

You'll have to listen to find out!  Or better still, read the script here!

This was the first of the plays to be recorded.  It was written originally for the stage, but due to the constraints of file sizes for downloading from the Internet, it had to be split up into smaller episodes.  We hope you enjoy it, and that it gives you a feel for how your group could present the play for your local audience.

The characters:

Richard Ellis - plays Macbeth, and the monosyllabic Stephen Spielberg lookalike.

Jack Richards - increasingly bewildered by the outrageous goings-on of his fellow thespians.

Anne Richards - quietly impressed with the group's moneymaking schemes, but particularly with young Robert's talents.

Sharon Worthington - plays the second witch in Macbeth.  She can't wait to meet Sharon Stone - if she's conscious, of course.

Aggie Smith - plays the third witch in Macbeth - like you could stop her! 

Doris Whittaker - thinks that a Bring and Buy sale would be just the thing to raise money.

Zoe WatsonAn aggressive, ambitious bank executive.  Prepared to sacrifice anything and anyone for the sake of her career.

Jonathan Wells - can't understand why everyone is too busy to take Macbeth seriously.

Christine Middleton - plays the first witch in Macbeth, and the fake Sharon Stone.

Barney Thompson - plays Banquo in Macbeth, and the equally fake George Lucas.

Robert Young - a new member.  Looks good in a suit of armour - and out of it, apparently.

Police Inspector - Barney's boss.  But none too au fait with the drama.

Ripping Off Angels - the podcast

The original cast of the podcast of Ripping Off Angels was:

 Jack - Howard Turnbull 

Anne - Lisa Sadie

 Barney - Paul Buckle

 Christine - Fiona Thomas

 Robert - Steve Davies

 Richard - Kevin Welch

 Sharon - Lorna Welch

 Jonathan - Tim Brown

 Doris - Cheryl Payne

 Aggie - Janet Holloway

 Zoe - Claire Davies

 Inspector - Nigel Holloway

You can download the podcast version of Ripping Off Angels from here:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

And if you want to see the 'climax' of the show, click here for a short video clip of the recording session.

Ripping Off Angels is published by Lazy Bee Scripts.

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