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To find out more, or to get permission to perform the following plays, please contact the publishers below:

For permission to perform:

Big Idea, Thesps, Ripping Off Angels, Murdering the Mikado, Dead Lucky, Nanny State, Retirement Plan or The Smell of Almonds


Lazy Bee Scripts

2 Wood Road


Southampton  SO40 7BD

or by phone:

(UK) 023 8029 3120

(UK) 079 6681 9638

or by email, at:

For permission to perform:

Travesti, Prima Donna


Katisha Publications 

by email, at:


For permission to perform:

Skin, Burning or Scartato


Production Scripts

at their website:

For more information about any of his other plays, and how to go about putting them on for your local audience, contact Nigel Holloway at:

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