Murdering the Mikado

The latest in the series of Off-the-Wall Plays, Murdering the Mikado follows on from the situation at the end of Big Idea - the local theatre has mysteriously burned down, and the group are trying to raise money to supplement the Lottery grant to re-equip the theatre.

As part of their fund-raising efforts, Jack and Anne hold a Murder Mystery Party.  As well as the return of Jonathan, the party has plenty of other surprises for the guests, including Doris' little known talent as a master detective, Richard's talent for stand-up (if not for Pantomime), Anne's fondness for Pimms, and the inability of at least three of the guests to read the invitation in the first place! 

Despite clearing Jonathan of any suspicion of arson, a journalist from the local newspaper proves himself entire untrustworthy, and as punishment is thrown headlong into a hastily improvised performance of Aladdin, based very loosely on the Mikado, for the inmates of the local open prison.

Add to that the audience participation 'Fetish Song', an unexpected visit from the author Lady Chatterley's Lover, the surprise appearance of Daisy the Cow, and you have all the ingredients for yet another of the Off-The-Wall comedies! 

Murdering the Mikado is available for performance from Lazy Bee Scripts.

© Nigel Holloway 2020