Nigel who?

Part time computer consultant, actor, musician, singer, sound engineer and video editor, ex-maths lecturer and ex-radio presenter, Nigel lives and writes in Cardiff in Wales.

Nigel Holloway

Originally, Nigel concentrated mainly on writing for the stage, and to date, twelve of his plays have been published, with performances taking place as far afield as Australia - and Hull.  A number of his shorter plays have also been recorded as podcasts, and are available to download.

Nigel has also written two musical adaptations, based on the music of Sir Arthur Sullivan:  A Savoy Christmas Carol, based on Dickens' timeless classic (for more details go to, and The Savoy Beggar's Opera, based on the original musical play by John Gay (more information at

He remains fascinated by finding intriguing 'holes in history' - questions about particular people and events which are not answered by the existing historical record.  Much of his work seeks to fill these 'holes' with explanations which fit (most of the time) with the known facts of the events in question.

More recently, he has been working hard to produce the five Hamish McAllister novels, which are available in paperback as well as ebook versions.

For details of his novels click here.

He is currently working on his ninth novel, provisionally entitled The White Stone - the sixth novel in the Hamish McAllister Chronicles, and also composing a second musical adaptation of The Beggar's Opera - this time a rock opera version!

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