Exit Strategy

The Motley and Slap Street Theatre clown, juggle, tumble and magic their way from crisis to crisis.  They may not be the best people to ask for sensible, practical solutions, but if you need the extraordinary, the unusual, or the just plain impossible, then Motley and Slap might be just what you’re looking for.

The five members of the Motley and Slap Street Theatre entertain wherever and whenever they can find a pitch and an audience.  The clown, symbol of laughter, of tears - sometimes, of fear and terror.  Joey calls it ‘The best job in the world – making people happy’.  But are the laughing faces of the crowd on the pavement reflected in the lives of the performers?  Behind the masks and masquerades, behind the fun and the laughter, who are these people?  

And away from the laughs and applause, who knows their desires, their tragedies?  What illusions do they cling to?  What hidden secrets will we find when we strip away the makeup and the costume, the motley and slap, to see what lies beneath?

In Exit Strategy, Motley and Slap, desperate for money (as usual), hire out their talents for impersonation and illusion, improvisation and disguise, to a father and daughter team of amateur fraudsters, intent on a uniquely bizarre revenge for past injustices.  Using a new slant on the dramatic ‘Changing a Lady into a Tiger’ illusion, they find some sort of justice for the unusual pair.  

Have they made a dying man happy, or have they unknowingly assisted in the greatest escape of all time?  

But beware – sometimes illusions (and secrets) are best left unexplained…

© Nigel Holloway 2020