Sunday League

Sunday League was the first play in the series to be written, and has recently been adapted as a television screenplay.  We'll get round to filming it one of these days!

Chairman Jack's ambition seems to know no bounds as he sets out to encourage an independent television production company to make a film about the Off-The-Wall Theatre Company.  Sadly, his enthusiasm for this venture is not shared by everyone else, and as decision time gets nearer, strange things start to happen to the group's latest production of Iolanthe. 

But are they just accident prone?  Or is someone trying to sabotage them?

Here's an extract from Sunday League -

Jack is on the phone to Joanne, the researcher for the independent television producton company, who seems very interested in the racy story that Jack is telling her about the sexual exploits of Richard and Christine during a performance of the Sound of Music.  Anne is outraged - click here for the extract from Act 1 of Sunday League - (Word document).

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