The story of how a discarded violin kindled the spark of love in an absent father for his abandoned daughter, and the effect the violin has on the many people whose lives it touches.


Scartato is the story of how a father’s gift of a cast-off, second-rate violin touches the many lives who are drawn in by its mysterious power: a tale which leads from betrayal in a dusty workshop in Cremona, to death and vendetta in Jamaica; from the first stirrings of the American Revolution in the frozen, rat-infested streets of New York, to treachery in pre-Revolutionary Paris; from the uncertain life of the early colonial theatre, to the harsh commercialism of modern day Chicago.  

In the course of its journey, the violin becomes, by turns, an object of jealousy and desire, a symbol of love, and a means of salvation and hope.  And for those privileged few who are able to conjure its magical song, a secret gateway into another world.

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