Blackmailing Butterflies

What's the matter with Aggie?  Is this what a mid life crisis looks like?  Or is it something more serious? All her friends are really worried about her, but only Jack knows the truth.  Can Mike, the new musical director help?

And what's the matter with Barney?  His marriage seems to be heading for the rocks - but is it anything to do with the lovely Sharon, or The Rocky Horror Show?  And to cap it all, someone's trying to blackmail Jack to give them the lead in the group's next production. 

Does Aggie get over her crisis?  Do Barney and Sharon get together at last?  Does Mike get Aggie to perform for him?  Do the Casting Committee get Jack off the hook?

You'll just have to read it to see...

This excerpt is the secret 'audition' being filmed late in the evening in Jack's garden.  Why secret?  Because Jack and Aggie have been caught on video in a compromising position, and Christine is recreating the moment, so that the two can claim their passionate embrace was part of the audition for their latest production, the Beggar's Opera.  What some people will do to help out their friends!

Add to that the fact that Barney and Sharon have been trying to avoid one another for fear they might not be able to keep their hands off one another, and you have a recipe for some serious pent-up passion!!

Excerpt from Act 2 of Blackmailing Butterflies (Word document) - click here.

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