Bard Boy


The Welsh nation has lost its way.  Deprived of economic opportunity and an adequate education system, years of systematic neglect by a subservient, uncaring government have brought the country to its knees.  The people, ground down by poverty, are resigned to their ever diminishing role as a minor province of the old enemy.  Cynicism, disillusion, and the decline in religious belief have led the people to turn away from the last remaining pillar of moral guidance, the Methodists - to superstition and meaningless ritual – all encouraged by the newly rejuvenated and increasingly assertive Druid Movement.

At its head, is the shadowy figure of the Chief Druid, charismatic and eloquent, burning with hatred for what has been done to himself and to the once proud nation, and determined to rally the Welsh to renew themselves, their culture and confidence; promising them a shining future under his strong, authoritarian regime.  But behind his stirring orations, lip-synched to perfection; behind his inspiring green-screen manipulated broadcast images; behind the ecstatic double-tracked chanting of his ranks of fanatical computer-generated supporters, the master of propaganda wears a mask which hides a darker purpose.

But none of this makes any difference to Edward, an innocent young man from the tiny valleys village of Cwmgroes.  Shielded from the big, bad world in the safe and secure haven of the little terraced house he shares with his mother, Bethan, his grandmother, Mamgu, the naïve Edward has had a dream.  Ever since he was a young lad, Edward has always wanted to be a Druid.

He’s seen them gliding by in their limos; he’s watched them on the telly; he’s caught glimpses of the jet-set celebrity lifestyle; he’s seen their pictures in Shumai magazine; he's seen the way the shawl throw themselves at them.  

And everything tells him that this is where he’s meant to be.

Bard Boy is the humorous story of Edward’s journey from innocent Welsh valleys boy to potential leader of the newly rejuvenated and technologically manipulative Druid Movement.

When his fanatical Methodist grandmother proclaims Edward as the reincarnation of the founder of the Druids, will their ruthless spin doctor seize on this unexpected public relations gift, and accept Edward into the very heart of the organisation?  Or will he denounce him as a fraud?  Will Edward's sudden emergence from total obscurity be hailed as the Second Coming?  Will it be sufficient to divert public attention away from the suspicious mass drowning of the Wales Assembly Government?  Will Edward's visions help win the Druids the forthcoming election?  Or would the role of a martyr to the cause suit young Edward better?  

Either way, there’s a Methodist hit man coming for him…

Bard Boy will be published on Amazon Kindle in 2013.

© Nigel Holloway 2020